Double eyelid surgery

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Double Eyelid Surgery Center at WMC Wongamat Clinic

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Double Eyelid Surgery Center at WMC Wongamat Clinic

  • Less swelling technique Fast entry
  • Long cut technique. to remove excess eye fat out from the head to the corner of the eye
  • Technique for lifting the eyelids. Solve the problem of droopy eyelids
  • Eyelid laser technique to reduce swelling and bruising
  • Techniques to adjust the eye muscles. Make your eyes look bigger, brighter, younger.

Double Eyelid Surgery at WMC Clinic
There are both short cuts (Charming eyes, Korean style and long cuts, Sweet Bright Eyes technique).

Who should get double eyelid surgery?

  • Blind eyelids Karmaphan Eyelids are not bright.
  • Double eyelid, but hides in until almost invisible
  • Double eyelid used to be clear. But there are eyelid problems that increase with age. Until the eye layer disappears
  • Double eyelid but look sleepy and tired
  • Double eyelids are not clear, there are many layers, want to have sharp, beautiful eyelid lines

Double Eyelid Problems that is more than beauty

  • obscures vision
  • makes the face look fierce or not bright, creates an unattractive personality when meeting people
  • Large eyelids make you look older
  • Blepharoplasty is not clear, problem when applying make-up
  • These problems can fix with double eyelid surgery

Charming eyes, Korean style

Create double eyelid lines, beautiful curves, a little bit of eye makeup, and it’s beautiful.
•It is a short incision, small wound.
Less swelling Faster entry
•Suitable for those who have not much excess eyelids or are younger than 30 years old.
Can beautify excess fat

Sweet Bright Eyes Technique

  • Create sharp curves for sweet, bright eyes
  • Long cut technique. to remove excess eye fat can be released from the head of the eye to the tail, creating bright, round eyes There’s nothing to hide.
  • Long incision technique to completely remove excess eyelid
  • Add a special technique to lift the eyelids to solve the problem of the drooping eyelids. and create beautiful curved eyelids with long slender eyelids
  • Detailed eyelid laser technique Create beautiful eyelids, sharp, clear lines
  • Sewing techniques to lock the double eyelids to make the eyes look bigger and brighter. Youthful, lasts a long time, does not slip off
  • Fat transfer and eye fat alignment technique solve the problem of deep eyes or eyes too dim

Comparison of short cut technique VS long cut technique

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